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Lubetech AS offers a wide range of lubricant products to the agriculture, automotive, marine and energy industries. We also supply other markets with reputable greases, paints and coatings, anti-freeze and many other ancillary products. Our company holds strong, well-known brand names and product line range from Mobil, Esso, Motul, Henkel, Loctite, Becham, CRC, Motul, Wecosan, Arom Dekor, AdProline, SprayMaster and Plastic Padding.


Lubetech offers premium branded lubricants designed to help you increase equipment reliability.

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Lubetech offers Esso petrol and diesel which are developed to help your truck’s engine deliver better performance.

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Maintenance Products

Lubetech offer a full range of quality chemical and maintenance products for the automotive and other industries.

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