Environmental Policy

We aim to minimise the impact of our operations and our products on the enviroments. Our facilities fully intergrate enviromental management into all our operational systems and procedures.

Lubetech’s Environmental policy

We care about the impact we have on the enviroment.

Both at work and at home responsibility for our environment are of critical importance. The guiding principles are intended to point us all in the right direction. Our challenge is to achieve genuine sustainability. Our environmental policy covers all areas of Lubetech’s operations. Essentially:

  • We sell and procure products which are to be safely used, safely recycled and safely disposed of.
  • During storage, sale and use of our products we minimise the impact on both man and the environment.
  • Every day we endeavour to produce as little waste as possible, to preserve resources and keep emissions as low as possible.
  • The same high level of priority is assigned to economic matters, safety, environmental protection and health in our Lubetech strategy.
  • It’s our aim to continuously improve safety, health and environmental protection. We have taken up these challenges as a matter of policy, irrespective of whether or not these are covered by statutory obligations or conditions imposed by authorities.