A trusted Distributor since 2007

…Lubetech has since developed a reputation for being reliable and cost effective.


How things got started.

In 2007, Thor Thorsen left his job to start a new business in Sola under the name of ‘Lubetech AS’, selling lubricants for the automobile industry and heavy machinery. Thor started selling lubricants in 1986 and has amassed widespread experience in the lubricant industry. 

As a persuasive man who can articulate a vision, Thor pitched his idea to a friend, Arve Håland, who was impressed and immediately agreed to join him in the new venture.

They both convinced A.B. Tallaksen, a distributor of lubricants based in Arendal, to purchase 50% of the company and partner with Lubetech in supplying lubricants in the south west region of the Norwegian coastline.

Since then, Lubetech has been stepping up its marketing and sales activities in order to take up its position in the niche energy market.

Today, Lubetech delivers to leading service companies, drilling contractors, exploration and production companies and maintenance workshops in Norway.

In the last three years, Lubetech’s turnover has continuously increased. Despite the saturated state of the lubricants market in Norway and even with the recent global oil price crisis, the company has attained a growth rate of between 5 and 7%.

Thor credits the increase to expanded product lines and employee performance.

On July 25th 2016, Thor and Workshop Service AS bought back shares from A.B Tallaksen. Each has a 50% stake in Lubetech.