We all work for a good company

..and we’re proud of it!

Our Values

We aim to be recognized by our Customer focus, Lubricants knowledge, Reliability and Enthusiasm.
  • The ethos of the company
    We want to offer you a personal service, delivered with civility and commitment. We simply  want to keep you happy!
  • Retain our independence
    We are proud that we’re an independent Norwegian business with strong roots established over time. We’re committed to being an independent company with our own original ideas.
  • The customer is our employer
    Our customer is at the center of all we think and do. We create benefits for our customers with quality products-and good services. We want to be a competent partner and find solutions wherever possible.
  • Demonstrate truth and credibility
    The relationship our employees have with each other and with our customers, suppliers and all other business contacts is open and honest.
  • Demonstrate leadership in the business
    We actually do what we ask others to do and integrity is a means of maintaining our good reputation. Our employees act in a business-like way and take responsibility for what they have done.
  • Act in a socially responsible way
    We take our social responsibility seriously. Our owners focus on revenues so that we can reinvest to achieve sustainable business development and safeguard employment.
  • Be involved in our environment
    It’s important to us to protect the environment and we adhere to Lubetech’s environmental policy.
  • In Summary
    We all work for a good company and we’re proud of it!