What We Do

We offer individualised solutions designed to promote the efficiency of your business and reduce your operating costs. By performing complimentary technical assessments and providing an exact analysis of oil products we are able to determine which are best suited to your needs. 

Oils and lubricants Solutions

For most demanding applications in automotive technology, machine and plant engineering or the rough conditions in the heavy industry, Lubetech offers users a wide range of high- performance lubricants which significantly contributes to a modern production and manufacturing technology as well as service and maintenance. .

Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Our range of superior quality industrial lubricants for diesel and petrol engines help lower emissions, reduce maintenance costs and improve fuel economy.

Hydraulic and Industrial Lubricants

Often providing anti-foam, anti-rust and anti-wearing properties, our hydraulic lubricants are designed to ensure excellent performance under heavy and stressful loads and wide variations of temperature.

Gear Oils and Transmission Fluids

Today’s modern transmissions need to cope with huge variety of driving and extreme condition pressures. Made to protect and prolong relevant components, our gear oils also maximise performance and keep breakdowns to a minimum.

Agricultural Lubricants

Our range of Heavy Duty Oils and Transmission Fluids provide reliability to the modern farmer whatever the age and size of their vehicles and equipment. Designed to maximise performance in tough operating conditions and minimise component wear and tear.

Grease Range

Correct grease lubrication is vital to extend the life of the components, reduce corrosion and enhance equipment reliability and performance. We can also offer greases suitable for chemical environments and the Food Industry.

Motor Oils

Using the latest lubricant additive chemistry, this important range of new technology engine oils offers maximum performance and component protection for cars and vans at all levels of use