High performance fuel

We supply commercial customers through our bulk fuel and Esso Wex fuel card channels. These provide a complete solution on- and off-road for our customers in industries such as agriculture, rail, road transport, utilities and energy sectors.


Our Fuel Options

Lubetech offers Esso petrol and diesel which are developed to help your truck’s engine deliver better performance. They also work at a molecular level to help remove deposits that have formed in your fuel system.

Esso’s Synergy fuels.

Synergy Supreme+ Diesel: Our premium diesel contains double the detergent additive of our regular Esso Synergy Diesel, to help give your engine a deeper clean, which in turn helps you get better engine performance.

Synergy Diesel: Our regular diesel grade. Tests on everyday cars showed that using Esso’s Synergy Diesel helped improve fuel economy by an average of 1.8%*.


Esso presents fuel that cleans and protects your enigne.

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Esso Card

Efficient and reliable, Esso Card is the flexible and cost effective way of managing your fleet, saving you time and money. Start your application now.



AdBlue is a high purity urea solution used in modern trucks. An Increasing number of manufacturers­  are using AdBlue to cut exhaust emissions in their vehicles.

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