High performance lubricants

Lubetech offers premium branded lubricants designed to help you increase equipment reliability, reduce operating costs and extend equipment durability with minimized environmental effect. 

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For most demanding applications in automotive technology, machine and plant engineering or the rough conditions in the heavy industry, Lubetech offers users a wide range of high- performance lubricants which significantly contributes to a modern production and manufacturing technology as well as service and maintenance. This range includes lubricating greases and pastes, lubricating oils, anti-friction coatings as well as process media which cover the entire field of metal working operations.


Mobil’s industry-proven synthetic producs provide unequalled equipment protection for the most demanding applications.

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French giant Motul manufactures world class lubricants, they recently introduced a newly updated line of motorcycle engine lubricants.

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Bechem develops and offers a wide range of lubricating greases for roller bearings, gears, plastic and electronic components.

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Specialized in high temperature lubricants, corrosion fighting, high pressure, environmentally friendly products.

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Loctite Lubricating Greases have been designed to protect against friction, reduce wear and prevent overheating.

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Offer specialty chemicals for maintenance professional serving the automotive,  marine, hardware and industrial markets.

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Spray Master

A complete Swedish-made range for all types of purposes in the workshop and industry.

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