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Keeping metals protected, whether in industrial settings or other performance dependent scenarios, is one of the most important things that you can do.  Regularly used products get plenty of wear and tear, and one of the biggest problems is obviously just simple scuffs, scratches, and abrasions that can gradually become a much larger problem.  In these instances finding and applying an abrasion resistant coating is imperative.  It will enhance and protect the overall performance of any product and extend its longevity significantly.  With that in mind, it isn’t hard to understand why taking the time to choose carefully is of the utmost importance.

The first thing to think about is just what kind of abrasion resistant coating you need to apply.  There are many different types of coatings and each one is designed for different materials and for different uses.  For example, using a coating for valves means finding one that can stand up to heat, impacts, corrosions, and the other various rigors that regular use of a valve will involve.  Damage to the outside of a valve and/or the inside are both serious problems you’ll want to avoid, and the right coating will help to protect against them in all cases.

The actual finish that an abrasion resistant coating is important as well and will have an impact on the actual application method you use.  Common applications are dip and spin or spray on methods, so be sure that you understand which type of application your coating will be able to allow for otherwise you’ll end up having to rethink and replan your overall strategy for applying it.  The best coatings will allow multiple options and still provide the best results possible, so take the time to look into what each one is capable of in order to ensure you get what you’re looking for.

Finally, be sure that any abrasion resistant coating you’re choosing is recommended for the application you’re thinking of using it for.  The previous points really help to highlight the specifics, but it’s always good to know if you’re getting something intended for industry, automotive or some other use.  Most coatings will tell you clearly if it fits into a certain type of usage category so be sure that you investigate the possibility.  If you’ll keep these basic points in mind then finding the best coating for your needs shouldn’t be a very difficult process at all.

Lubetech offers a wide range of high-quality abrasion resistant coatings for the manufacturing industry and consumers, focusing sharply on the quality and performance of our products. If you’d like more information or have an enquiry, please feel free to contact us.


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